List of Best Paid Proxy Servers (Sites) 2016 and why you need to use them

Paid Proxy Servers

Paid Proxy Servers

Here we show you the lists of trusted paid proxy servers and why you really need them. So, if you are searching for best paid proxy servers (sites) 2016 that are reliable you are in the right place.

There are some thing you need to consider when trying to choose a proxy server. They are not all the same- there are paid proxy servers which are mainly the good and reliable ones and also free proxy servers which are mostly bad and unreliable server. So, here is why it is very important that you know what you are getting into.

Paid Proxy Server

You need to think the danger you may face when using proxy servers especially the free ones. First, your communication must pass though the proxy server sites before it get to its destination, which ranges from your emails account, payment processors accounts such as Paypal, Payza or Credit cards to a retailer’s website. This is really dangerous because you stand a chance of sending your account information to the proxy server sites who may in turn use it to hack into your account and steal away your money or important info.

Most of this free proxy servers are free because they want to steal your account details and information. They are mostly not there to help you but to cause you more pains.

When your data travel with many of these free proxy servers, it moves mostly in an unencrypted for. With this, they can intercept your data and turn the digital information right back to its original format, and your information would be plain and clear to see.

Not only that, there are something that is commonly known as “Malicious proxy server” that is as very bad as the name sounds in your ear. Rather than being helpful by providing you with free web proxy, they store hacking and other malicious software on your PC that they use to steal all the personal data.

Most of these free proxy servers are used by criminals. For example, Proxy server such as DNSchanger which has been shut down, usually rerouted trusting internet users to unwanted ads and also put malicious programs on their PC.

Trusted free proxy servers

-I will advise you to never to use free proxy server when using important details. There are some popular paid proxy servers such as Hidemyass that offers free trials offers so I suggest you try them out.

-Never use or trust a free proxy server no one has ever heard of. It is better to play it safe by using the ones people already use, but never pass your private info that is not encrypted.

I will suggest you go entirely for paid proxy servers if you are really serious about your safety.

Another reason why you need a proxy server.

Paid proxy servers give you a lot of advantages. You can choose them by parameters such as region, access rate, response time etc.

They are stable. While you pay for services, you may require a quality service in accordance with your payment; you do not need to worry that your server may disappear tomorrow unlike free proxy servers.

Highly recommended list of Paid Proxy Servers

Hidemyass is the current best and most popular paid proxy server online since 2000. They are reliable and trustworthy. And highly used by big companies, corporations and popular individuals. With Hidemyass proxy server, you can Bypass online restrictions to access foreign websites like a local one. Get to websites back home when you are abroad. And Bypass government or work place censorship of sites such as Facebook’ Youtube, and Gmail.

Also, you can enjoy complete security even on wifi connections. Prevent hackers from stealing away your important passwords, banks account and credit cards details. And protect your device from malware, phishing and spam sites.

In addition, safeguard your personal information and actual location IP address online. Protect your data from being snooped by your internet service provider. And also prevent sites frequently visit from targeting you with manipulative prices and messages.

Ipvanish is another popular paid proxy server that has earned high praise from popular figures online for its speed while connected. Another reason for the popularity of Ipvanish is its extensive variety of servers. They will respond quickly and connect to your desired server immediately you launch it. It does’t break networks like some other VPN services.

They are the only tier- 1 VPN network, meaning faster and more stable speeds for you. No more video buffering.

Ipvanish is the best way to protect yourself from cyber threats and unsecured wi-fi hotspots.
Simple point-and-click software for all your devices. IpVanish provides secured connections to over 25,000 IPs on over 225 servers in over 60 countries. Access the web virtually from anywhere around the globe.

Overplay is a paid proxy server where you can be able to watch whatever you want with their high speed connection and without throttling by your internet service provider. Their SmartDNS puts you in control so you can be able to access the content you want, and with their fast and very easy to use SmartDNS software, you will be be able to access blocked content in a few minutes.

Their VPN prevents your Internet Service Provider from spying on your online traffic amd slowing your internet connection. They also shield you from cybercrime by encrypting your connection through their VPN as well as keeps your IP address and location hidden from prying geo-trackers.

Whether you are using Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, or a custom router or whatever devices, Overplay has you and your data secured.

Myprivateproxy is a paid proxy server that support various applications, softwares and websites such as Twitter, Facebook marketing tools, Scrapebox, Bookmarkwiz, Senuke, Sick submitter and many more.

Their proxies are highly anonymous, support both HTTP and HTTPS protocol and require authentication so they can be used only by you.

They provide unlimited bandwidth on 1,00Mps connections and also guarantee that all their proxies are ready for operation 24/7.

You can choose the proxy plan that suits you and you can get your refund within 3 days if you decide to change your mind. You private proxies with be activated instantly immediately upon purchased. Proxies are hosted on extremely fast 1Gbs, XEON servers with 8GB RAM.

Hope the above paid proxy servers will be of great use to you. Wish you all the best on whichever proxy server you choose to work with among the above listed Paid Proxy Servers.

What is A Proxy Server? – All you need to know about Proxy Server

What is A Proxy Server

What is A Proxy Server

What is Proxy A Server? A proxy server is regarded as a computer that functions as a middleman between a web browser (such as Web Explorer etc) and as well as the Web. Proxy servers assist in improving web overall performance by saving up a copy of webpages that are frequently utilized. Whenever a browser requests a webpage stored in the proxy server’s collection (its cache), it’s supplied by the proxy server, that is quicker than going to the web. Proxy servers also help enhance security by filtering out some web content and malicious software program.

Proxy servers are used mostly by networks in organizations and businesses. Usually, people connecting to the Internet from home won’t use a proxy server.

Furthermore, in computer system networks, a proxy server is really a server (a computer strategy or an application) that acts as a middleman for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers. A client connects to the proxy server, requesting some service, such as a file, connection, internet web page, or other resource accessible from a different server and also the proxy server evaluates the request as a method to simplify and control its complexity. Proxies were actually invented to add structure and encapsulation to distributed systems.[1]Today, most proxies are internet proxies, facilitating access to content material on the World Wide Web and providing anonymity.

Types of Proxy Servers

Transparent Proxies
A transparent proxy, as the name suggests, is a proxy server that send your inquiry to the desired destination with out concealing or masking any of the info. This kind of proxy is often seen in business office networks, where there is no need to conceal the Internet protocol address of a Personal computer, given that every one of the Personal computers in the network are secure. Transparent proxies are just utilized as fundamental points of communication for all Personal computers in a network, and aren’t really the kind of proxy that people are thinking about whenever they shop for proxy server access online.

Anonymous Proxies
Anonymous Proxies conceal the data that goes through it, normally used to conceal the Internet protocol address of the Computer that’s using said server. This is extremely helpful for safe communications, especially along with government departments or large businesses that don’t want their valuable data to be stolen by harmful individuals. It is also helpful for common users just like us, because it safeguards us against hackers that snoop around for prospective victims via IP addresses.

Highly Anonymous Proxies
There’s another kind of anonymous proxy called Highly Anonymous Proxy. The real difference with this particular one is the fact that apart from concealing your Ip address, additionally, it conceals its presence so that the destination wouldn’t know that you’re concealing behind a proxy. To them, you’re simply accessing their server directly, and the Ip address that shows up may be like a personal IP Address instead of the obviously proxy IPs supplied by anonymous proxies.

Distorting Proxy
This kind of proxy server recognizes itself as a proxy server, but make an incorrect original IP address available through the http headers.

Reverse proxy
A reverse proxy is yet another typical form of a proxy server and it is normally used to complete requests from the web, via a firewall to separated, private networks. It’s used to avoid Web clients from having direct, unmonitored access to delicate information dwelling on content servers on an separated network, or intranet. If caching is allowed, a reverse proxy may also reduce network traffic by serving cached info instead of transferring all requests to actual content servers. Reverse proxy servers can also balance workload by spreading requests across a number of content servers. One benefit of utilizing a reverse proxy is the fact that Internet clients don’t know their requests are being sent to and dealt with by a reverse proxy server. This enables a reverse proxy to reroute or reject requests without making Internet clients conscious of the specific content server (or servers) on a guarded network.

A reverse proxy server will initially examine to ensure a request is correct. If your request isn’t correct, or not permitted (blocked by the proxy), it won’t continue to process the request resulting in the client getting an error or a reroute. If your request is correct, a reverse proxy may check if the requested data is cached. If it’s, the reverse proxy serves the cached info. If it’s not, the reverse proxy is going to request the info from the content server and provide it to the requesting client. It also caches the info for future requests.

Forward proxy
A forward proxy is considered the most common type of a proxy server and it is normally utilized to pass requests from an isolated, private network to the web via a firewall. Utilizing a forward proxy, requests from an isolated network, or intranet, may be rejected or able to go through a firewall. Requests can also be achieved by serving from cache instead of passing on the internet. This permits a level of network safety and lessens network traffic.
A forward proxy server is going to first check to ensure a request is correct. If your request isn’t correct, or not permitted (blocked by the proxy), it is going to reject the request resulting in the client getting an error or a reroute. If your request is correct, a forward proxy might verify that the requested data is cached. If it’s, the forward proxy provides the cached information. If it’s not, the request is distributed via a firewall to an actual content server which provides the info to the forward proxy. The proxy, in return, relays this info to the client and can also cache it, for future requests.

Proxy chaining
A proxy chain utilizes several proxy servers to help in server and protocol overall performance and network safety. Proxy chaining isn’t a kind of proxy, but a utilization of reverse and forward proxy servers across several networks. Along with the advantages to security and performance, proxy chaining permits requests from various protocols to be achieved in instances where, without chaining, such requests wouldn’t be possible or permitted. For instance, a request using HTTP is distributed to a server that will only handle FTP requests. To ensure that the request to be processed, it has to go through a server that will handle both protocols. This can be done by utilizing proxy chaining that allows the request to be passed on from a server that isn’t able to fulfill such a request (perhaps due to security or networking issues, or its very own limited capabilities) to a server that can fulfill such a request.

The very first proxy server in a chain is going to check to ensure a request is correct. If your request isn’t correct, or not permitted (blocked by the proxy), it’ll reject the request resulting in the client receiving an error or a reroute. If your request is correct, the proxy might verify that the requested data is cached and just serve it from there. Should the requested data is not in cache, the proxy will pass the request on to the next proxy server in the chain. This server also offers the capability to fulfill, forward, redirect, or reject the request. If it functions to forward the request then it too passes the request on to another proxy server. This procedure is repeated till the request gets to the last proxy server in the chain. The last server in the chain is needed to handle the request by getting in touch with the content server, utilizing whatever protocol is needed, to get the info. The details are then relayed back through the chain until it reaches the requesting client.

Now you have known what is a proxy server, you may proceed to Top Best Proxy Servers to start utilizing its benefits.

How to Use Proxy Server to Unblock Blocked Websites 2016

How to Use Proxy Server to Unblock Blocked Websites

How to Use Proxy Server

Looking for how to use proxy server? Or how to unblock a blocked websites? Here are how to use proxy server to open and access any blocked site online. Not only that, we shall teach you step by step ways to configure proxy server on all browsers such as Fire fox, Explorer etc.
So, if you are searching for how to use proxy server to unblock a website, you have come to the right place!

How to Use Proxy Server

Instructions for Internet Explorer 6.0
If you are using Internet Explorer, this instruction is specifically for you.

Step 1.
Click on your internet explorer browser. On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, click on the Internet Options, click the Connections tab, and then click LAN Settings.

Step 2: Under Proxy server, click to select the Use a proxy server for your LAN check box.

Step3: In the Address box, type the IP address of the proxy server.
In the Port box, type the port number that is used by the proxy server for client connections (by default, 8080).

You can click to select the Bypass proxy server for local addresses check box if you do not want the proxy server computer to be used when you connect to a computer on the local network (this may speed up performance).

Click OK to close the LAN Settings dialog box.
Click OK again to close the Internet Options dialog box.

Instructions for Internet Explorer 5
Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click Internet.
Click the Connections tab, click LAN Settings, and then click to select the Use Proxy Server check box.

In the Address box, type the appropriate proxy server information, and use the following format: http://

Click Advanced, and then type the appropriate proxy settings in the Servers area. Use the following syntax for the proxy settings: http://

: where
is the Web address of the proxy server, and is the port number that is assigned to the proxy server. For example, if the proxy server’s address is “” and the port number is 80, the setting in the Proxy Server box should appear like this: Important: If you use a backslash () instead of a slash (/) in the proxy server’s address, the settings disappear from the Proxy Server box and Internet Explorer does not find the proxy server.

Instructions for Firefox 3.0
Select the Tools Menu
Select Options
Select the Advanced Icon
Select the Network tab
Under connection select Settings
Under Settings you can chose “Auto-Detect Proxy setting for this network” or “Manual Proxy Configuration”
If choosing “Manual Proxy Configuration” Enter the IP address for the HTTP proxy server
Enter the port of the HTTP proxy server
Click Okay

Instructions for FireFox 2
Select the Tools Menu
Select Options
Select Connection Settings
Select Manual Proxy Configuration
Check Use the same proxy for all protocols
Enter the IP address for the HTTP proxy server
Enter the port of the HTTP proxy server
Click Okay

Instructions for Netscape 8.1
Select the Tools Menu
Select Options
Select General
Select Connection Settings…
Check Manual Proxy Configuration
Enter the proxy server’s IP address in the HTTP Proxy field and the proxy’s port into the Port field.
OK your way out

Instructions for Netscape 7.1
Select the Edit Menu
Select Preferences
Maximize Advanced
Select Proxies
Choose Manual proxy configuration
Enter the proxy server’s IP address in the HTTP Proxy field and the proxy’s port into the corresponding Port field.
OK your way out

Opera 8.5

Select the Tools Menu
Select Preferences
Select Advanced Tab
Select Proxy Servers
Check the box next to HTTP
Enter the proxy server’s IP address in the first box and the proxy’s port in the box after “Port”
OK your way out

Safari 2.0.3
Select Preferences
Select Advanced
Select Proxies: Change Settings
Check the box next to Web Proxy (HTTP)
Enter the proxy server’s IP address in the first box and the proxy’s port in the box after the “:”
Select Apply Now

We shall give you more instruction on more browsers so make sure to bookmark this post or visit regularly.
If you are using any browser which was not mentioned above, please do use the comment box below so we can help you with the instruction on how to use proxy server on it. Wish you all the best!

What is VPN?

What is VPN?

What is VPN?

What is VPN? VPN typically referred to as Virtual Private Network is actually a system technology that produces a safe network connection over the public network for example the Web as well as a private network belonging to a service provider. Huge organizations, colleges and universities, and also government departments utilize Virtual private network technologies make it possible for distant users to safely and securely hook up to a private system.

A virtual private network (VPN) stretches a private network over a public network, for example the Web. It permits users to transmit as well as obtain info around shared or public networks as though their computers have been directly attached to the private network, thereby are taking advantage of the performance, protection and administration policies of the private network. A Virtual private network is made simply by generating a virtual point-to-point link by using committed connections, virtual tunneling protocols, or traffic encryption.

A VPN can hook up several websites over the huge range just like a Wide Area Network (WAN). VPNs are often used to increase intranets globally to share facts and information to a extensive user base. Colleges and universities use VPNs to link campuses that can be dispersed across the nation or around the globe.
In an effort to obtain the private network, a user needs to be authenticated with a special identification and a password. An authentication token is usually employed to access a private network through the individual identification number (PIN) which a user must enter. The PIN is a unique authentication code which adjusts based on a certain frequency, typically each and every Thirty seconds or so.

How VPN Works
Virtual private network connections are occasionally called “tunneling.” Typically, you’ve some kind of software installed on your computer, and you also make use of that software program to connect with the VPN service. This particular service could be inside of a corporate network, or you’ll be able to hook up to a private server that you employ for Internet connection. You have to validate prior to being able to view a VPN service, and that means you require a username and security password to gain access to the network. This kind of shields your connection, so only you can access the service.
After authentication happens, you then have a safe connection involving your pc as well as the server’s network. The server’s supervisor can reduce access to services from the server’s end, but for the most part, you’ve related access just like you are authenticated locally. All information is encrypted between your pc and the server, that is particularly important once you access private networks over the web.

Types of VPN

There are numerous types of VPNs accessible. Let’s take a look at most popular types.

This is the commonest and popular VPN protocol. They permit authorized remote customers to hook up towards the VPN system utilizing their existing Internet connection then get on the particular VPN from Bestvpnservicemag utilizing username and password authentication. They just do not require further hardware along with the features will often be available because inexpensive add-on software program. PPTP means Point-to-Point Tunneling Process. Drawback associated with PPTP is it won’t offer protection and it also depends upon the actual PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) to be able to carry out security steps.

2. Site-to-Site VPN
Site-to-site is significantly exactly the same thing simply because PPTP except there is absolutely no “dedicated” collection being utilized. This permits diverse sites of the identical business, each utilizing its own actual network, for connecting together to produce the VPN. As opposed to PPTP, the exact routing, security and decryption is completed through the routers to both the finishes, that could become hardware-based or even software-based.

L2TP or even Layer in order to Tunneling Protocol is just like PPTP, because it also doesn’t offer encryption plus it depends upon PPP process to get this done. The main among PPTP in addition to L2TP might be that the second option gives not only data privacy and also info honesty. L2TP originated by Microsoft and Cisco.

4. IPsec
Attempted and trusted protocol that produces a canal from the remote control website within your central site. Since the name implies, it’s designed for IP visitors. IPSec needs expensive, time intensive client installs that could be regarded an essential drawback.

5. SSL
SSL or even Secure Socket Layer is really a VPN available via https more than internet browser. SSL makes a secure program from your PC browser towards the application machine you’re being able to view. The advantage of SSL is it doesn’t need any software program installed because it uses the web browser since the client software.

MPLS (Multi-Protocol Tag Switching) are not any great for remote accessibility for individual customers, however for site-to-site connection, they’re probably the most flexible as well as scalable choice. These methods are basically ISP-tuned VPNs, wherever several sites are linked to form the VPN employing the same INTERNET. A good MPLS network is not as simple to setup or even add to since the other people, and therefore guaranteed to cost more.

7. Hybrid VPN
Many organizations possess managed to mix top features of SSL and also IPSec & additionally many other VPN kinds. Crossbreed VPN servers can acknowledge connections from several types of VPN customers. They offer higher flexibility at each clienbt and machine levels and guaranteed to be costly.

Benefits of VPN
They Offer Protection to Unsecured Connection
If you’ve ever attached your laptop or mobile phone to a public Wi-Fi network, you might not recognize that you’re making all the data included on that device vulnerable. Should you be using a virtual private network, info send and received over public networks remains secure.

Blocked Sites
Yet another excellent advantage of VPN connections is they help you get around websites that are blocked on certain kinds of systems like at home or school. Many organisations and educational institutions will block websites like Facebook or Twitter to avoid users from accessing them. Using a Virtual private network, you’d be able to get to your preferred websites on the type of connections.

Increased Anonymity
It’s very simple to use a person’s IP address to track files that they’ve accessed and downloaded while on the web. Using a VPN connection, you’ll be able to download and share legally acquired files with friends and family members in confidence as your Internet protocol address will be concealed by the VPN’s security protocols.

Decreased Censorship
Should you happened to reside in a nation in which the government blocked specific sites from being accessed, a virtual private network connection will allow you to get around those restrictions.

Increased Privacy When Browsing
If you’ve ever typed anything into a search engine such as Google, you might be shocked to find that info has likely been logged by the search engine itself. Using a virtual private network as well as the security protocols which are inherent within these types of connections, your search history will never return to worry you because they’re no longer connected to your computer’s Internet protocol address.

You Can Network Different Business Locations Together
Should you operate a technology-based business with several locations, you may use a virtual private network to make a single unified connection between all facilities. The virtual network will certainly work as a link between different offices across the city, the state, the country or even the world.

Easily Encrypted Data
Virtual private network connections enable you to effortlessly encrypt info before you send it over the web, meaning that no one can intercept and read your important personal or business related documents.

Avoid Monitoring
Specific sites can download different types of spyware and malware for your pc without you knowing to watch your activities while online. With the appropriate VPN service, these kind of concerns will completely evaporate.

Regional Content Restrictions
Some kinds of video content are only able to be viewed in particular parts of the world as per the original publisher’s request. Using a VPN these regional content restrictions disappear and you’ll view any content you’d like from any pc with an Internet connection.

Prevent Identity Theft
Simply because info sent over a VPN is protected even when the network itself isn’t, you won’t need to bother about online hackers or other people with harmful motives being able to access your data and robbing your identity next time you attempt to check your bank account balance online or log into your credit card website to make your monthly payment.

Advantages & Disadvantages
A Virtual private network is a economical efficient way of creating a private network. The utilization of the web as the primary communications channel between websites is a affordable alternative to expensive leased private lines. The costs to a corporation consist of the network authentication hardware and software utilized to authenticate users as well as any additional mechanisms for example authentication tokens or other safe devices. The relative simplicity, speed, and flexibility of Virtual private network provisioning when compared with leased lines makes VPNs an ideal choice for corporations who want flexibility. For instance, an organization can shift the amount of websites in the VPN based on changing requirements.

There are numerous possible disadvantages with Virtual private network use. Deficiency of Quality of Service (QoS) administration on the web can result in packet great loss as well as other performance issues. Adverse network conditions that occur outside of the private network is beyond the control of the Virtual private network manager. For that reason, a lot of huge organizations pay for the usage of trusted VPNs that use a private network to guarantee QoS. Vendor interoperability is yet another possible disadvantage as VPN technologies from one vendor may not be compatible with VPN technologies from another vendor. Neither of these disadvantages have prevented the widespread acceptance and deployment of VPN technology.
List of VPN Services Online:

Top Best Paid VPN Services Reliable Online in 2016

Best Paid VPN

Best Paid VPN

As you know, paying for VPN services is one the best ways to enjoy its real benefit. Here are the top best paid VPN services online in 2016 where you can take full advantage of VPN services to satisfy your needs. So, if you are searching for the very best paid VPN services on the web, you have come to the right place.

What is VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is actually a network technology that produces a safe network connection on the public network for example the web or a private network possessed by a service provider. Big corporations, educational institutions, and government agencies make use of VPN technology to make it possible for remote users to securely link to some private network.

A VPN can link several websites over a huge distance exactly like a Wide Area Network (WAN). VPNs in many cases are utilized to extend intranets globally to disseminate information and news to a wide user base. Educational institutions make use of VPNs to link campuses which can be distributed across the nation or across the world.

To be able to get access to the private network, a user should be authenticated utilizing a distinctive identification and a password. An authentication token is usually utilized to get access to a private network via a personal identification number (PIN) which a user must enter. The PIN is actually a distinctive authentication code that changes based on a specific frequency, usually every 30 seconds or so.

VPN also means Virtual Private Network, a secure tunnel between two devices. Protect and free yourself online with just 1 click. VPN creates a secure tunnel between your computer and every website or application online allowing you to anonymously appear to be anywhere you choose.

Top Best Paid VPN Services

Top Best Paid VPN Services

List of Best Paid VPN Services is a paid VPN service you can use to hide your IP and location. Choose among any of their VPN servers in the US, UK, Australia or any of 78 countries worldwide. The outside world will see only their IP address and location – never yours.
ExpressVPN uses high strength 256-bit encryption to protect your data from prying eyes. Browse freely from Wi-Fi hotspots with the comfort that you can’t be tracked or monitored.

ExpressVPN runs seamlessly in the background — all you have to do is click to connect. We’ve optimized our network to provide the highest speeds possible with unlimited bandwidth.
Whether the Internet is censored in your country or you want to access sites and services which are location restricted, ExpressVPN passes through filters and masks your location to provide unblocked and unlimited access.
Easily unblock sites and services like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, YouTube and Gmail. With ExpressVPN you can keep on accessing the sites you love.

When connected to ExpressVPN, your ISP only sees encrypted traffic passing to their VPN servers, but they cannot decipher the data or know the websites you have visited.
No more annoying messages about content not being available from your area. Enjoy Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Spotify and many more services whenever and wherever you are. Watch the content you want from any country on earth, at blazing fast speeds.

Easy-to-use VPN apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Setup is easy, whether you’re using a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Our user-friendly apps mean that you can secure your connection and unblock websites in one click. Just sign up, install, and connect. is the only true tier-1 paid VPN service in the world. This means they deliver the best VPN speeds, the most secure connections and the most competitive pricing anywhere. Thier VPN network spans 25,000+ IPs on 225+ servers in 60+ countries, giving you the ability to surf anonymously and access blocked websites from every corner of the globe. offers sleek, cutting-edge apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and your router so you can secure your devices in seconds. Our apps are fast, easy-to-use and stable with time-saving features like one-click connect, one-tap server selection, and a ping test to choose the fastest server.
Private Internet Access VPN Service is powered by a state of the art, tier-1 multi-gigabit private network. Signup for our VPN service to protect your privacy and confidentiality with a hidden IP address and encrypted traffic.
Their VPN create several layers of privacy and security providing you safety on the internet. Our VPN Service is backed by multiple gateways worldwide with VPN Tunnel access in 20+ countries, 31+ regions. is a service that was fully developed in-house, and launched at the end of 2012 after several months of development and rigorous testing. By that time, thanks to their extensive experience of working in IT security and Linux administration, they have acquired considerable experience with VPN protocols and implementations for both personal and corporate use.

Implementing their own VPN solution was an exciting challenge and the whole process of customization and bug-fixing helped them to accumulate in-depth knowledge of how a VPN service should really be: secure, reliable and fast.

They are not happy to leave it at that, however, and in addition to constantly striving to improve the speed, security and reliability of their service, they are always adding new features and increasing capacity. Indeed, they wouldn’t want to give their clients anything less. is one of the best paid VPN services online. If you already have a CactusVPN package, you can buy a second one at 50% OFF. Use it as a gift for a friend, a surprise for your spouse, or just keep it for you. And if you plan to buy more packages just let them know – they have great discounts for resellers. Simply open a ticket and let them know you want the discount.

Advantages of Cactusvpn:
-No sign up fees

-No long term contracts
-30-days money back guarantee
-Free Proxy servers and Auto Proxy feature
-Unlimited bandwidth and speed
-Professional 24/7 customer support
-Torrenting allowed on Netherlands and Romanian servers

Paid VPN Services

Paid VPN Services is one of the leading paid VPN providers online. NordVPN gives you military-grade protection online, and you can access all your favorite sites without restriction. They never log your activity when using their servers, which are operated under the jurisdiction of Panama, where there are no mandatory data retention laws. So you can always trust your privacy to us.
To get started, simply download one file and run it. There’s no installation, and NordVPN is so easy to use that anyone can set up their software and get online in seconds. NordVPN supports any device, including Android devices, iPhones, iPads, game consoles, Macs, and PCs. There are no bandwidth limits, so no matter what device you use, you never have to keep your eye on a meter.

NordVPN has been reviewed in,,,,,,,,,,,, and other outlets.

NordVPN works at the TCP/IP level, which means all your applications are secured, not just your web browser. VPN service can protect your whole system and network, including your mobile phone, tablet, and even TV. It also protects all your applications, such as your web browser, Skype, Facebook app, online poker software, etc.

NordVPN uses military-grade encryption to hide your traffic from prying eyes. It’s fast with low ping times, and their servers are designed to withstand heavy traffic, making them ideal for fast Internet browsing, HD video streaming, secure VoIP, and more. is one of the best paid vpn services that detects and closes IPv6 leaks and therefore shields effective against data espionage based on unprotected IPv6 connections. The CyberGhost infrastructure provides secure DN-Server to circumvent censorship and to prevent data phishing by faked websites.

Server-hosted firewalls protect against hacker and other threats from the Internet by blocking ingoing connection attempts.

By sharing an anonymous IP address with dozens of other Internet users CyberGhost provides an additional layer of anonymity for each participant.

The automatic blocking of all open Internet connections prevents from exposing personal data over unprotected lines in cases of unpredictable disruptions.
Additional support of native OpenVPN, IPSec, L2TP and PPTP allows CyberGhost to be used with individually configured direct-to-system connections on countless platforms and devices.
Download CyberGhost and enjoy online browsing without fear of hackers, mass surveillance and online behavior tracking. is paid vpn service that has been online since 2003 and offer top-notch services that provide World-class personal privacy and data security. They are a young and dynamic team that works around the clock to ensure the best user experience.
They launched ibVPN in January 2010. From the very beginning, ibVPN has focused on quality, freedom and choice of connectivity.

Their first privacy and anonymity project started in 2003 by offering proxy services. After several years of continuous research and development they began offering VPN services here, on ibVPN was created to increase online anonymity not only when browsing, but also when using different types of web applications or services. It can be used on a large variaty of operating systems, including Windows, MacOs, iOS and Android.
They provide personal privacy and data security services to tens of thousands of people all over the world. Since the launch in 2010 they have been able to steadily grow their customer base by understanding one fundamental rule in regards to business. You can’t grow any business on product and price advantage alone, a strong customer service culture is also critical. Thus, they focused on creating a strong support team, capable of solving clients problem rapidly and assuring customer satisfaction.

Paid VPN

Paid VPN is one of the top paid vpn services online. Their VPN Software interface is simple and beautiful, making set-up and daily use a breeze. Every time you log in to your account, you have the option to select which server you want to use. They offer PPTP, Open VPN, and L2TP/IPsec all within the same application.

Get instant notifications when the status of your connection changes or a new version of SwitchVPN is available. With their instant notification system, you will get notified whenever a client update is available.
With their VPN application, even the advanced options are simple to use! Choose from multiple languages, adjust MTU size, Kill Switch, DNS Leak Protection, Exclude Websites from VPN Network, Port Forawrding and more.

StrongVPN is one of the top paid both high-profile, and popular. However, despite having a reasonable privacy policy (at least on paper) they found theirselves very unimpressed with its overall attitude to privacy, and it has a known reputation for being aggressive towards filesharers. A lack of transparency over technical security, combined with reluctance to discuss details also left them cold. Were the service a budget offering we would recommend avoiding as we do not consider it fit for purpose, but StrongVPN is also the most expensive (by a fair margin) provider that we have ever reviewed. is another paid VPN service that disconnects your VPN connection with a single click. Quickly change VPN server locations and VPN protocols. Easy access to VPN configuration settings. Automatically detects a lost VPN connection and prompts to reconnect. Automatically updates new Kepard server locations. Supports OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP. Connect from two locations same time. 24x7x365 User support.

Other Features:

NAT Firewall
Up to 256 Bit Encryption
Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS
Offshore service provider
Unlimited traffic
Excellent speeds
Allows torrents and P2P on NL servers
Easy to use application is an initiative of private and independent individuals from different parts of the globe, dedicated to protect your privacy and anonymity online. Their services are fully compliant with the law. They do not monitor, review, log or store your communication/connection data.

No logging of any user specific data or activity. No data is kept. Depending on provider connection data and user activity may be logged and kept indefinitely.

Cascade your VPN connection through up to four OpenVPN servers plus additional proxy and ssh tunnels. Most providers offer no cascading at all. A few providers offer cascading to a maximum of two hops.
No bandwidth or traffic limit. Unlimited number of simultaneous connections. Depending on provider, traffic and bandwidth may be limited. Number of connections are always limited (usually to a maximum of 2).
Only dedicated servers which are running in a ramdisk to secure your anonymity and privacy. Often several VPS running on a single server with data physically stored on the hard-drive.

Client software In-house developed native client for Windows and Linux. Supports many features such as switching protocols, cascading, firewall and DNS leak protection. Depending on provider, no custom software or clients with limited features.

Socks5 and Squid proxies on all servers. All proxies can resolve .onion (TOR) addresses.
Depending on provider, some Squid or Socks proxies at certain locations, no .onion resolving. is among the best VPN service that lets you use the web like a private network. The result? High security and access to sites around the world. It couldn’t be easier…
Their VPN software encrypts your data, giving you total privacy online. Downloading it is a breeze.
Looking for your favourite sites from abroad? Choose your virtual nationality from a drop-down menu…
Unlike other VPN services, their works on any device you like. Including internet enabled TVs and games consoles. You can even use it on two devices at the same time. is a paid VPN that has been defending tens of millions of people around the globe from digital threats for over 25 years. Their award-winning products protect people and companies against everything from crimeware to corporate cyberattacks, and are available from over 6000 resellers and 200 operators in more than 40 countries. They’re on a mission to help people connect safely with the world around them, so join the movement and switch on freedom!

Brief Introducion:

-Founded in 1988
-Over 900 employees
-Listed at NASDAQ OMX, Helsinki
-25 offices around the globe
-Revenue of €137 million and EBIT of €23.3 million in 2014
-Tens of millions of users all over the world is a paid VPN (Virtual Private Network) subscription packages that allow you to watch on demand services from anywhere in the world. For just a few cents a day you can enjoy thousands of programs from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 On Demand and Channel 5! is a new paid VPN provider based in Bulgaria (but which keeps its data in Switzerland). Offering a no logs service is always a good way to get into their good books, but VPNArea surprised everyone with just how many things it gets right – from an excellent and feature-full Windows & Mac clients, to using shared IPs and turning in very respectable performance results. No service is perfect, but VPNArea is clearly trying very hard in this direction, and we give them a definite thumbs-up. is a well known paid VPN services whose SmartDNS now provides access to an industry leading number of US and International streaming services.

OverPlay Features:
Watch what you want with their high-speed connection and without throttling by your ISP.

OverPlay’s SmartDNS puts you in control so can you can access the content you want.

With their fast and easy-to-use SmartDNS software, you’ll access blocked content in minutes.

OverPlay VPN prevents ISPs from spying on your online traffic and slowing your connection.

Shield yourself from cybercrime by encrypting your connection with OverPlay VPN.

Their VPN keeps your IP address and location hidden from prying geo-trackers.

OverPlay is committed to protecting you no matter which of your devices you’re using. If you’re using Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, or a custom router, OverPlay has you and your data secure. is a Hong Kong based paid VPN provider with some very nifty features with a very good outlook overall. They provide access to 12 different countries primarily around Europe but also in Northern America and Asia. They allow a generous 3 simultaneous connections so you have the possibility of using their service on the majority of your devices. On top of this BlackVPN has implemented a feature that is unique to them (as far as we are aware) whereby it doesn’t matter which service you are connected to, you can still stream UK and US channels (Netflix USA, Hulu and BBC iPlayer only). Not only does BlackVPN provide a good service for streaming but they also have some excellent security.

VPN.Asia is part of Virtual Performance Group Inc., and is registered in Belize. At the time of writing, they offer more than 24,000 dynamic IPs across 142 servers in 17 countries. Most of these are located in Europe and North America, though there are several in Asia and one in South America as well. The client can be installed on any number of devices at once, but only two simultaneous connections are permitted per user. is a paid VPN that was launched in 2009 as a response to a growing trend of Internet censorship, in restrictive regimes as well as so-called open societies. There main goal is to provide a seriously non-discriminating access flatrate for the Internet.
Over time they have come up with more complementary services running alongside the main VPN service, fostering our users privacy and anonymity.

They also support and are involved in various projects working for censorship-free networks.
They currently have more than 100 VPN servers located in Sweden. Their pricing is calculated on realistic costs per user, so that they can deliver an all-in-one flatrate. The network uplink provided by their current ISP has an aggregate speed of around 40Gbits.

Once connected, users are assigned a random unique public IP address from one of their IP ranges. Users can choose between the OpenVPN and PPTP VPN protocols.
Right now they support IPv4 for PPTP and OpenVPN. IPv6 is only available for OpenVPN. is a paid Vpn service whose journey began on a cold November morning, when an experiment on personal VPN service turned out to be a resounding success.
PureVPN was created with the sole motive of keeping your online privacy intact and to offer absolute internet freedom. They do it so you can browse the internet without any fear. And, they do it because no one does it better than PureVPN.

Today, PureVPN leads the VPN industry with 500+ Servers in 121 countries with a self-managed VPN network that enables them to deliver the fastest VPN speed in the world. PureVPN comes with an easy and free VPN application for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Introduced new and improved versions of VPN apps, added new add-ons like NAT firewall and SmartDNS and introduced incredible features like the Internet Kill Switch.
Joining the mobile revolution, they launched their Android and iOS apps. The apps were an instant hit with users from all over the world. Their network continued to expand with every passing day.
Launched their first client software for Windows and Mac, and from then on, the digital landscape changed forever. Plus, their network grew with more servers in more countries.

PureVPN is a paid VPN that commenced commercial services in 2007 with VPN servers at 2 locations. The year saw them expand to 16 locations. Hong Kong based GZ Systems experimented with a VPN in 2006 and that was the beginning of a revolutionary VPN product –

PureVPN fulfills its promise of online security by employing up to 256-bit of military-grade data encryption, coupled with complex authentication protocols like PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, and SSL to transmit your data through secure virtual tunnels.

It promises no more restrictions with servers in 121 different geographical locations! Be it streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Pandora or socializing on Facebook and Twitter or live chatting on any VoIP channel – Do it all with PureVPN.

PureVPN promises to empower your business with security, privacy, protection and accessibility via our DDoS Protected Dedicated IPs, Secure Remote Access VPN, & NAT Firewall protection. Plus, you can save infrastructure costs with PureVPN’s Business VPN plan. is a paid VPN founded in 2009 as a response to increasing demand for personal VPN services by home users and travelers. Astrill is a registered Seychelles company focused mostly towards travelers and expats, who use Astrill VPN service for protected and unrestricted Internet access. After 1 year of existence, Astrill is expanding to USA and EU markets and today Astrill is the leader in the global Personal VPN market.

They currently offer more than 113 VPN servers in 49 countries with diversity of available VPN technologies – OpenWeb, OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, Cisco IPSec, StealthVPN, SSTP and IKEv2. Their customers enjoy 24/7 customers support via email, live chat and phone from our highly trained staff.
Astrill VPN service works on PC computers (Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and Linux), hand-held devices (iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablet devices such as Samsung Galaxy Tab) as well as on compatible WiFi routers (for example Cisco E3000, Cisco E2000, etc.) They are constantly expanding our network and improving our plug-and-play software solutions.

Astrill is founded by young and ambitious team who saw the opportunity to take over the VPN market. is a paid Private Internet VPN service provider which provides easy to use vpn downloads and a wide range of services, desktop windows VPN, Mac / OSX VPN, Android VPN, Multiple Protocols available although we recommend OpenVPN for security. Bypass VPN Internet Censorship in Australia, UK and many other repressive contries VPN Wifi Protection via our Mobile VPN applications or Windows/OSX/Linux Laptop or Desktop VPN and download and upload via our secure VPN, access Global TV via our Smarter DNS solution, best of all you have access to 41 VPN countries. You can pay for the VPN service using multitude of options either via Bitcoin VPN, PayPal VPN, Credit Card, Perfect Money VPN, CashU VPN, Payza VPN

Top Paid VPN

Top Paid VPN anther paid VPN blazing fast, on-demand encrypting connection service with straightforward pricing and a brilliant user experience. You’ll be amazed at how fast and easy it is to use VPN Shield and start protecting your privacy. With VPN Shield, you’ll be able to set up protected connections for all your devices with one single subscription. Available for Mac, iPhone / iPad, Android, Amazon Kindle, Windows 8. is a paid VPN service that certainly gives out a positive first impression when you visit the provider’s website, with endorsements from The New York Times and The Economist, amongst other prestigious publications and websites. The good impressions continue, with great client software and instant 24/7 support. Sadly, however, WiTopia lets itself down with extremely variable performance, leaving a service that’s hard to recommend, however much we find ourselves wanting to do so.

WiTopia VPN looks impressive from the off, with promises of a “carrier-grade” network, 24/7/365 support and an “unconditional” 30-day money back guarantee. Unfortunately the service fails to live up to the hype.

Stay tuned, we promise to bring you more top paid VPN services. You may use the comment box below if you have any question, opinion or list of top best VPN services.

Top 10 YouTube Proxy Server Sites List Online 2016

Are you blocked from YouTube and looking to unblock them? Here, are top best YouTube proxy server sites list 2016 to use and permanently unblock YouTube censorship. So, if you are searching proxy server sites for YouTube, you have landed in the right place. They are not just the best in the proxy industry but also popular with reliable and unblockable servers.


YouTube is a free video sharing website that lets people upload, view, and share videos. Videos can be rated, and the number of times a video has been watched is put on the site. At the moment, Google (a search engine company) owns and operates YouTube. Many different types of videos can be put onto the website. YouTube was started in February 2005 by three former workers of PayPal.

Reasons for banning and blocking of YouTubE

YouTube is blocked for a variety of reasons, including:
limiting public exposure to content that may ignite social or political unrest;
preventing criticism of a ruler, government, government officials, religion, or religious leaders;

-violations of national laws, including:
-copyright and intellectual property protection laws;
violations of hate speech, ethics, or morality-based laws; and
national security legislation.

-preventing access to videos judged to be inappropriate for youth;
reducing distractions at work or school; and
reducing the amount of network bandwidth used.

-In some countries, YouTube is completely blocked, either through a long term standing ban or for more limited periods of time such as during periods of unrest, the run-up to an election, or in response to upcoming political anniversaries. In other countries access to the website as a whole remains open, but access to specific videos is blocked. In cases where the entire site is banned due to one particular video, YouTube will often agree to remove or limit access to that video in order to restore service.

Businesses, schools, government agencies, and other private institutions often block social media sites, including YouTube, due to bandwidth limitations and the site’s potential for distraction.

Banning and blocking of YouTube in schools and some countries

As you know, YouTube is blocked in many schools because it allows children to search for videos online that would otherwise distract them from their lessons, much like how other social networking sites and game sites are blocked for the same purpose. But at a higher level than schools (and in workplaces), even some governments have blocked YouTube access to their country’s public, but their reasons can vary.

On December 3, 2006, the government of Iran blocked YouTube and several other sites in an attempt to stop films and music from other countries from being seen.

Turkey blocked YouTube on March 6 2007 for letting videos that were insulting or discriminating to Turks and Atatürk, who is the founder of modern Turkey, to be shown, because of a “virtual war” between Greeks, Armenians, Kurds and Turks on YouTube, with people from each side posting videos to hurt the other. The video that caused banning alleged Turks and Atatürk to be ‘gay’. The video was first mentioned on Turkish CNN and the Istanbul public prosecutor sued YouTube for being mean to Turkishness. The court suspended access to YouTube while waiting for the removal of the video. The ban was strongly criticized. YouTube lawyers sent documentary of removal to court and users could access the website again on March 9 2007.

During the week of March 8, YouTube was blocked in Thailand. Many bloggers (people who have a “diary” online) believed the reason YouTube was blocked was because of a video of the former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s speech on CNN. However, the government did not confirm or give reasons for the ban. YouTube was accessible from March.

On the night of April 3, YouTube was again blocked in Thailand. The government said it was because of a video on the site that it said was “insulting” to King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology claimed that it would unblock YouTube in a few days, after websites containing references to this video are blocked instead of the entire website. Communications Minister Sitthichai Pookaiyaudom said, “When they decide to withdraw the clip, we will withdraw the ban.” Soon after this incident the internet technology blog Mashable was banned from Thailand over the reporting of the YouTube clips in question.

Brazilian model lawsuit and banning that came after
YouTube is being sued by Brazilian model and MTV VJ Daniela Cicarelli (better known as Ronaldo’s ex-fiancée) on the grounds that the site is making available a video footage made by a paparazzi, in which she and her boyfriend are having sex on a Spanish beach. The lawsuit says that YouTube has to be blocked in Brazil until all copies of the video are removed. On Saturday, January 6, 2007, a legal injunction ordered that filters be put in place to prevent users in Brazil from going to the website.

The effectiveness of the measure has been questioned, since the video is not available only on YouTube, but rather has become an Internet phenomenon. On Tuesday, January 9, 2007, the same court overturned their earlier decision, ordering the filters to be taken down, even though the footage was still forbidden, but without technical support for its blockage.

On May 25, 2007 the state-owned company Maroc Telecom blocked all access to YouTube. There were no reasons given why YouTube was blocked. But the guesses are that it might have something to do with some pro-separatist group Polisario clips (Polisario is the Western Sahara independence movement) or because of some videos that criticized King Mohammed VI. This block did not concern the other two private internet-providers, Wana and Meditel. YouTube became accessible again on May 30th, 2007 after Maroc Telecom unofficially announced that the denied access to the website was only a “technical glitch”.

In Australia, some schools, including all secondary schools in Victoria, have YouTube blocked from student access, after fights have been posted on YouTube.

Currently in China the government has blocked YouTube. For several years it has been unblocked but since the past Five years it has been blocked.

With these and so many other reasons, YouTube has been blocked and continue to be blocked. And this makes it difficult to enjoy it’s great features as well as upload and videos share with friends online. Thus leading to users and many others looking for ways to unblock YouTube to continue their day to day social activities. As a result, proxy servers were born.

If you are one of those desperately in need of access to YouTube then the Proxy server sites listed below are the best for unblocking YouTube.

Top best YouTube proxy server sites online

Hidemyas is one of the most popular YouTube proxy server sites online that unblock YouTube with ease. HideMyAss is one of the biggest names on the market due to the great quality service they provide as well as the amount of free services that they provide. Unfortunately they are based in the UK and have had large issues with privacy in the past so if you’re looking for ultimate privacy we recommend looking at our logless or torrent list.

The company provides 860 servers with 310 locations across 190 countries – providing a possible 117,020 IP addresses – and this number is constantly growing. They also offer the three most common protocols: LLTP, L2TP and OpenVPN and easily allows you to change between them (depending on device).
They have software available for all major operating system and because they allow 2 simultaneous connections, something that’s not very common, you do not have to worry about which of your devices you wish to use at a given time.
On top of this they provide a vast range of free services through their website, which we will talk about later on in the post.

ExpressVPN prides itself on simplicity and security. With plenty of servers, impressive speeds and clean interfaces for all its software/apps, it’s definitely the No. 1 provider.

ExpressVPN is very similar to most providers out there, providing you with the three main security protocols and an extensive list of servers, in 78 countries to be exact. However, where it excels is in its dedication to making its software easy to use and streamlined. This can be seen all the way from its website to its mobile applications (which it has dedicated and optimized specifically). Also, unlike some providers, you’re able to set it up on multiple devices without any problems, although it limits you to two simultaneous connections (one computer and one tablet/smartphone).

IPVanish has definitely stepped up its game since our last review. Not only has it improved speeds and accessibility, but also implemented a true zero logs policy, which has made its security that extra step better.

Unsurprisingly, IPVanish is one of the top VPN providers available. It has a Tier 1 network of VPNs with servers in a whopping 59 countries, and major countries such as the UK and US have multiple servers to help deliver some of the best speeds in the business. It’s also one of only a few VPNs to provide VPNs in more exotic countries around the planet, such as Egypt and Panama.

Alongside this, it has a great team who provide top-end security and excellent customer support should you ever need it. It’s also implemented a full zero logs policy – not even connection logs – which is superb.

While simultaneous connections are allowed, this is slightly limited. In its words: “You can install our software on an unlimited number of computers or mobile devices and use 1 OpenVPN connection and 1 other protocol (L2TP or PPTP) connection at the same time.”

VyprVPN has been around since 1994 as part of the Golden Frog internet freedom consortium and from reading the review you’ll find out that even though they promise great things there are a number of issues with them.

VyprVPN is a pretty fantastic service with its great speeds, innovative apps, and a high level of customer support. As you’ll find out there is definitely some issues that they need to resolve though.

VyprVPN is brimming full of features. As mentioned below they have fantastic speeds and a dedicated privately owned network. Their network spans across 6 continents with 700 servers in 43 countries providing over 200,000 IP addresses.

Private Internet Access provide a comprehensive VPN service focusing heavily on user choice and security. Their Android app gives notably great protection for public WiFi networks, and the service is overall priced very reasonably indeed.

Private Internet Access is based in the US and is a subsidiary of London Trust Media Inc., a fact about which it’s refreshingly open. Servers are offered in 29 locations across 18 countries including the US, Europe and Australia, with nearly 3000 servers available in total. Users are allowed up to five simultaneous connections to the VPN from any combination of devices.

CactusVPN is a fairly small Moldova based VPN provider who gets a lots of things right. Its privacy policy is good (no usage logs), it uses excellent encryption, it proved very fast in our speed tests, and it is cheap (even for the more fully featured package). Add to this some great customer support, and that has the only VPN client we have come across to feature an Applications Killer, and we’re sold! This is not, of course, to say the service is perfect. Nothing is. Some logs are kept for 3 days, the policy regarding the number of devices that can connect at once is fairly limiting, and there is no option to pay anonymously. None of this however undermines the fact that CactusVPN offers a great little service and one that gets our recommendation.

CactusVPN has 16 servers in four countries: four in the United States, six in the United Kingdom, and a total of six in Romania and the Netherlands. You can subscribe to any one of these geographic areas for $4.99 per month, or gain access to all four plus CactusVPN’s SmartDNS service, for $6.99 per month. You can also purchase the SmartDNS service on its own for $4.99 per month. Discounts are available for longer billing periods.

Those who like to try before they buy will be pleased know that a 24 hours free trial is on offer, giving you full access to the range of services offered by CactusVPN during the trial period. While nowhere near as generous as that offered by some providers, this is still very welcome, and allows you to test the service out before handing over any hard earned cash.

IronSocket started out life as ‘’ (HMN), but has recently completely overhauled its services and rebranded itself. Despite perhaps a little too much honestly in its privacy statement (but for which we are inclined admire it), IronSocket provides an excellent all-round service with top grade encryption, a no usage logs policy, great performance results, and servers all over the world. The lack of custom software means that the experience is a little on the bare-bones side, but access to DNS Proxy, HTTP Proxy and SOCKS5 Proxy servers adds value to an already tasty package.

Overall, IronSocket provides a very good service. It is fast, uses excellent encryption standards, has servers just about everywhere (and growing), and is happy to let you P2P download where appropriate. We also admire its detailed privacy policy, although (and perhaps IronSocket is just being more honest than other providers) we feel the amount of detailed logs it keeps compromises its otherwise top notch privacy measures somewhat. It should be noted however that most so called ‘no logs’ companies also keep similar connection logs, and the fact that IronSocket is based in Hong Kong makes it immune to most forms of international legal pressure. Basically, we like it.

NordVPN is a Panamanian company with one of the highest dedications to security that we have seen here at BestVPN. It achieves this not only through it’s location but also through the technologies it provides. While this comes with a few downsides: primarily speed, it is a small price to pay for your personal privacy and protection.

NordVPN is a fantastic Panama based service with an extreme dedication towards security, as we outline below.

Their service has more than 80 servers across 28 countries covering all the major hubs in all the continents. They allow you to have up to six simultaneous connections with no restrictions whatsoever, meaning you can use it on the go and in the home, which is better than you get with most.

Unsurprisingly they also allow P2P filesharing, accept Bitcoin and their client and software boast a range of features not found in many places elsewhere.

CyberGhost’s offering is made all the more appealing by the existence of a no-strings-attached free version that’s almost as good as some of its competitors’ paid plans. With plenty of servers and countries to choose from, as well as a strong commitment to privacy and transparency, CyberGhost makes for an easy recommendation, especially for users wanting to try a VPN for the first time.

At the time of writing, CyberGhost’s service offers access to over 550 servers in 30 countries, including some in Oceania and East Asia. Free users are, however, restricted to 15 countries across Europe and America. Popular countries for streaming and torrenting, such as the USA and Netherlands respectively, are particularly well represented, and most countries have several IPs to choose from even for free users. The client also allows users to choose exactly which country and IP address they wish to connect to.

Simultaneous use on up to five devices at once is allowed through the Premium Plus plan. Although Premium users are limited to one device at a time, swapping is easy and simply logs out any other connections. Free users can use as many different devices and connections as desired, but this is, of course, limited to the free version of the service.

As well as imposing restrictions on torrenting, the free service shows users ads for CyberGhost products upon connection and every 90 minutes thereafter. However, they’re not very intrusive, as they only appear on the CyberGhost client screen. The free service also disconnects users after six hours, but as there’s no restriction on reconnecting immediately this is never anything more than a mild inconvenience. Even the possibility of having to wait in a queue at peak times isn’t too daunting. Although it wasn’t unusual to see queues of over 3000 clients, we never had to wait more than a few minutes to get connected.

LiquidVPN is a small Michigan (United States) VPN provider with some genuinely exciting and unusual products. The real eye-catcher is ‘Modulating IP’ technology, which continually changes your IP address, making it very difficult to track your actions on the internet. This is not, however, the only trick that LiquidVPN has up its sleeve, as its custom VPN client is pretty groovy in its own right, but can also be customized with increased functionality using downloadable scripts. Add to this a no usage logs policy, use of shared IPs, great encryption standards, and a very low starting price, and you might forgive us for getting quite excited (despite the fact that LiquidVPN is a US company). Unfortunately, as you will see, some fundamental problems leave us unable to recommend the service.

LiquidVPN is happy to let you download via P2P, although it does ask clients to use European rather than US servers for this purpose. The ToS prohibits the downloading of copyrighted material and ‘any DMCA notices received from our USA ISP’s that can be traced back to you may be grounds for account termination due to violation of our TOS’.

ibVPN is one of the cheapest of the big name VPN providers, so we were curious to know whether such a low cost service could deliver a high quality experience. We were initially somewhat surprised at how good the service was, both in terms of the features available (pretty much everything plus the kitchen sink on the better packages), and on its speed performance results. Unfortunately, after trying the service out over a longer period of time we had to uninstall it and ask for a refund, thanks to the frequency with which it slowed our whole internet connection down to unusable speeds.